Which is More Green...?

Forest damage occurred everywhere, to have an impact on increasing the temperature of the Earth or often called by global warming. So, what do with the architecture of global warming? Of course, closely related because the problem is not out of the use of wood is increasing along with human growth very quickly. Human beings still need housing and households who need wood. And as a result, forests are becoming smaller because wood is being taken. If this is on leave permanently it will be the impact of the worst for human survival.

Thus, there is no other way to stop deforestation, but stop use of wood as a building material. And replace it with another material, such as mild steel, which can be the solution, particularly in the roof trusses.

Mild steel is now a part of green architecture proven environment. Carbon steel use will not only be our contribution to save the forest, but has many advantages over wood. So it felt more deeply in the actual implementation of green architecture. That for some people is the assumption that the green architecture with natural materials that can harm more the balance of nature.

Maintanence mild steel frames are also relatively cheap and easy. Unlike wood, which will be replaced if it is fragile due to his age. Environmentally friendly steel, soft and healthy. Wood could have lead or holes due to termites, dust or a nest of insects, and if there is a steel fire does not increase the fire.

Steel structure also has shortcomings. Among other things, steel not can cut into shape or model in particular. To unlike a more flexible wood and can form up to engraving in accordance with the wishes of the House. The steel frame also became less attractive should be covered with the roof. While wood enhanced by certain methods.

"But I think that, framework of steel instead of wood that was worthy of our campaign." We now have a sense of responsibility towards nature. Wood be exhausted as oil. "And the damage to the environment will cause a material adverse effect of humanity."
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