Tropical Garden

The concept of closeness with nature, make a House with a modern concept is incomplete without the presence of a tropical garden that could add more value to the property and the environment. Ecological value that further reinforces the impression of being very thick with nature. Of course, the concept of modernity tropical garden refers to a way more simple, practical and easy to maintain, but they have eco optimal functioning as a modern tropical principle.

Garden with various types of plants, such as (herb as a hedge of the soil, trees 1-3, bamboo barrier) gave a strong green effect, the propagation of corals and 2-3 wells of absorption of water, and most importantly is easy in the next maintenance. The presence of trees serves to filter the sunlight, reducing excess heat in the room, the creation of shadow and the effect of shadows on the walls and floors. To further strengthen the impression tropical you can add a small pond surrounded by shrubs and plants of natural rock.

Applications of the wall of the House equipped with a frame of wire covered with vines serves to cushion the noise, dust and gases absorb pollutants, are resistant to radiation, sunlight and cool at room temperature in the building. Limited land and the land of the constructed roof garden consequences for development to increase green space in urban areas where the more narrow ground.

Architecture design for the home trends will always change with a dynamic cultural community development. But the issue of designs of houses mixed with natural, as well as probably modern home tropical will still be treated as a remedy our yearning for nature.
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