What Is A Tropical Architecture?

Tropical architecture is a branch of the architecture, the study of the climate of the oriented architecture the weather in a place where the mass of the building or group of buildings, and the impact or impact on the environmental link or influence on the tropical surroundings. 

Buildings with tropical architectural design, characterized by setting or characters with tropical weather conditions, or have a tropical form. But with the development of the concept and technology, the building with the concept or how modern or high-tech, which might be called tropical buildings this is mitigated by a system of air circulation, ventilation, view openings, and the orientation of the buildings and the use of modern high tech materials which does not damage the environment. 

Tropical architecture includes a variety of issues related to the design of buildings or tropical areas characterized by buildings, with the effect or impact on the environment. 

Buildings design with tropical nature, has the following requirements: must have a vision and direction of the buildings, in accordance with the standard (the orientation of the building) tropical with support material or comfort participate in tropical conditions, such as sunshading, sunprotection, sunlouver, taking into account the standard influence openings for environmental protection (radiation of the window), and has a character or a feature that has the building as a tropical, ekpos building with the use of material or different colors.
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