Green architecture

Green architecture not only emphasis will be on the totally natural environment. Green architecture means harmony between buildings, people and nature itself.

Alignment of human life and the natural and built environment are summarized in the concept of green architecture. Green architecture in its planning should include the key to the sustainability of the environment, including the landscape of the site with various problems and potential aspects, interior and architecture that should be a single entity.

In this case, if the area is 300 square meters of land for construction use is 200 square meters, then the remaining 100 square meters of green land must be used through the empowerment of all potentials. In such cases, the use of the roof on a concept of Green Garden in the walls and roof (roof garden) in something important. The ceiling and the walls rather than concrete or natural stone, but it can be covered in vines and plants of concrete with special treatment for certain crops or grass.

The floor also. The water that we use a true must be returned fully to the ground. But what happened instead. Because of the wide use of concrete materials, ceramic, granite, asphalt, water was not given a chance to seep back into the soil. In fact, all directly channeled into the city drainage and then into the sea. And if we are wise to use materials such as grass ground cover, block paving materials, gravel and others, can provide a chance of water seeping back to 100% get into the ground. In addition, can also be made of absorption wells and biopori.

The concept of green architecture is also a great support of the energy conservation programs. Houses tropical climate with lots of openings, created to reduce the use of air conditioning and artificial lighting. However, it will not work correctly if the House does not apply in all the Green and beautiful landscape. Open doors and Windows only will become a place of warm air and dust input to family had to continue to have air conditioning.

Therefore, the garden and the patio will be a very important role. But what matters most today in day-themed food crisis, the plant chemist living or in the garden and fruit are necessary to be a consideration.

Realization of a pharmacy to be or a vegetable garden does not ignore the aesthetics of the Park. With a good arrangement, choice of species of plants, the owner not only have a beautiful garden, but it is also beneficial. Some plants can be recommended for the roof garden is the aloe vera, flower of broken glass, stone pink, betel leaves, curly, pandanus, vegetables and others.

In terms of Interior design, green architecture suggests a decoration and furniture must not be excessive. Just need a good kitchen, sanitary, cleaning, energy savings, ease of water clean, spacious and the amount of space when necessary, high quality construction materials is stronger, and clean water. To overcome the cube of the garbage, biopori holes may be a solution.

To be more systematic and the optimal application of green architecture can be done in two phases to the energy saving, cost of living and the health of its inhabitants. The first step is the planning and design. Houses or buildings should be aimed at tracking the Sun to take advantage of natural light as possible. This can be done by placing the main room (bedroom, living room and dining room) is it geared towards the North and East, while service rooms or space is not so important, cooking example, garage and shed is oriented to the West and South.

Creation of a central skylight or garden (courtyard) houses that can provide natural lighting and intermittent aeration of a little space in the building for the home and at home and Koppel series with limited land.

Structuring of space tend to be used in various natural airing (cross ventilation) to reduce such air conditioning and fan of artificial ceiling.

Structuring of space with consideration for daylighting glass or GmbH properly, for example, oriented to the North or East and skylights in the room, such as Windows, doors and other front direction.

Create a space that blends with nature as dining manages integrated with nature, living in the garden, front yard, dining room and room of the family in the rear or side yard semi-abierta bath in the Park are can treat side and vice versa, with space to enter another room. For example, Hall or the kitchen, family room together physically and visually.
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