Green Technology

Green technology is now the demands and needs of almost all developed countries and developing countries. The Green run (green) limits not translated as "green", but it highlighted in green. While the green architecture is a derivative of the concept of green technology played in the most comprehensive application of organic architecture standards regime. 

The term is used increasingly more respectful environment once the planet we live is facing many serious problems such as global warming, ozone depletion, loss due to illegal logging of forests (deforestation), the air pollution that makes the temperature of the planet increases and the impact on the melting of ice in posts and several other issues environmental crisis. All these problems are directly related to human activities affect the sustainability of the environment. 

In this context, the issue of green technology and green architecture ever role to anticipate any movement on behalf of advances in technology and architectural development. Through green technology approach should be a lot of things can be made, for example on green computing and green architecture.

Green computing is the use of computing resources efficiently, behavior to maximize energy efficiency, extend the useful life of the hardware, minimizing the use of paper and a few technical things.

Green architecture is the design process to reduce the adverse environmental impact, improve human comfort through building design and design environment to integrate each other in a positive effectiveness, increase and reduce the use of resources and energy efficient land use, and effective waste management.

Building an architecture of the green house concept really is not synonymous with expensive cost, but in line with economic principles and an investment in long-term, high-value and comfortable for the room. The concept of green architecture, green architecture in addition to benefits due to the concentration of oxygen in the green zone is higher, also became more fresh air, clean water and less waste.

Development of the concept of ecological architecture means also contribute to reducing emissions that cause global warming and preserve the environment. environmental achieve residential green concept is not only the construction of settlements with gardens and trees on both sides of the road, but more than that means widespread of respectful with the environment and sustainable include the ecological balance, home design with the environment, empowering residents, as well as the implementation of appropriate law and regions of the territory, also pay attention to ethics and the comfort of the residents.

It aims to develop a green residential area for reforestation, planting trees in an optimal power to absorb pollutants. In addition, green property also relates to the use of soil, water, conservation green spaces, the implementation of the model of energy-saving, carefully selecting the materials of construction, waste and dirty water, and in connection with the carriage / accessibility.

Green environment for the health gains to reduce air pollution, can be felt smooth reduces stress or depression and provide supply of clean air in the region around the settlement.
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