Trend Back to Nature

Trend back to nature may influence the concept of this House. The concept of the resort as an alternative to residential. Especially for areas, tropical climatic trends going back to nature is one of the responses in terms of global warming, which lowers the level of comfort in the accommodation due to increased ambient temperature.

Return of trends in lifestyle near nature in large cities and metropolitan areas to the needs of the society against the House style mixed with the re-estirado natural. The complex concept, for example. This design is much sought by residents of the House, it may be an alternative in response to global warming, the seal of the town house is far from the rush and only visited during holidays or weekends.

General view complex is actually an area or shopping area so that people is integrated with all the entertainment and recreational services. However, many people interpret the concept of the station is a facade of the houses and the tropical architecture. This concept is often found in suburban or rural areas far from urban bustle and visit only during the holidays.

It should be noted, the concept of the town has a feature that is widely present in the field. Its main characteristic is the existing facilities and the function itself. Home complex concept is generally designed to hide or escape from the everyday homeowner.

How is the form of this complex concept? ", such as facades of the typical buildings from the beach, the concept of the town, but the concept of vernacular architecture". Then, how to design houses with the concept of the station? One of the first things to consider before designing the concept of home is topography. the topographic conditions are important when it comes to designing a house concept. As if the Earth fits, how zone climate conditions, cold or hot, humid, tropical dry or tropical?

"Things like that which must be understood by an architect to ensure that the observer in agreement with the existing topography and the process into one that has a potential value in everything"

The next step is important to take into account is the condition of the Earth's surface. Home complex concept tend to require large enough land and to support existing it installations. So even with its vernacular architecture, the location of housing is located. Usually, legacy or inheritance of the previous architecture reflects against the forces of nature.

"It's different when designing a complex concept in urban and metropolitan areas." A limited area would become a major problem in the design of a house in a dense urban area. Therefore, in urban or metropolitan areas can be residential complex concept was not more complex home.

On finishing and interior that was related to its maintenance. When the House was occupied rarely, you have to design the flow of air and moisture in home location area well. So that even with the selection of the materials must be the lowest possible maintenance and has a power saving enough for heat release of calories at night when the residents do not have enough space to keep moisture.

Meanwhile, to order interior, Interior and furniture in general, many adopted the wooden architecture dominated the tropical and warm the home printing. However, does not mean that that make a complex concept always using wooden materials for the use of material in an architecture of product based on the availability of materials, location and topography, properties of materials, humidity and temperature above by underneath, and comfort zone, and the cost.
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