Flat Roof and Natural Lighting

flat roof Although not all architects according to the classification of the contemporary architecture in the world of design, but the contemporary term continues to appear as an argument without end. 

By way of example, the contemporary architecture is a general classification that includes designs of the buildings today are liberated from forces already happened.

Contemporary buildings are also usually work best, and often the experiments of designers to use new materials in the construction industry. 

One of the elements in the contemporary character of the building is the roof flat cantilevered fact. The roofs are a way that touches the Member striking designs in the construction of the screen, and the creation of a space under the shade that prevents the heat from the Sun.

There is also a feature of the current, formed from the beams and the distance from high between the floor and ceiling to add to the atmosphere in the interior space. 

Characteristic of the contemporary is now the most powerful shows the designers of the mix of buildings with the natural landscape that surrounds it. 

Mountain contours, for example, can be used as part of the design that adds a visual aesthetics of the building.
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