Bamboo as an Alternative to Wood

bali green school
The wood is absolutely necessary in the construction of the House that can be seen exploration tremendous impact, such as the felling of trees in the forests of Indonesia. Concerned about logging and deforestation, which should have no alternative of replacement of the wood to save the forests of the incessant exploration by humans.

As we already know that the beloved wooden material, very well in the auction until the forests of Kalimantan almost disappeared and now rather than explore exploring the forests of Papua. This is due to the high demand of the market for the wood.

Currently, the market needs another option that is not less in terms of quality with wood as a material for building their houses. This alternative should also be more respectful of the environment, but its main purpose offers an alternative to reduce the production of wood.

As an alternative, bamboo can be used as a substitute for the wood of the homebuilders. Bamboo has been much talk of the community as a forest of substituting an alternative material for cheaper production. The structure of bamboo is also strong. However, the lack of socialization and the evidence that the House was made of strong bamboo little demand.
bali green school 2
There had been taught that in nature there is no tangible perfect field, so the building follow and adapt to what nature provided. Building green school does not impose or cutting the existing trees.

As a result, the building looks amazing, although made of bamboo. In the same way and with the technique of construction plans are made carefully and priorities of the public security in it.
green village
Design is made with the mind that is, using the materials available in nature, but all the same creative thinking to maximize material characteristics. However, the use of bamboo for the construction of buildings should take into account proper handling. Call, for example, the drying process is very long so that power a lasting bamboo and disinfectants.

In the future, to use, bamboo is also not allowed direct contact with the ground. For growing and, noting the security aspects. The use of bamboo can be combined with the use of concrete as base. However, in addition to various shortcomings, approach to the use of bamboo as an alternative to tree companion would appeal to people thinking about the issues.
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