The characteristics of design

caracteristic design

Design is primarily a personal task with the whole project’s design becoming a combination of the motivation and expressions of many individuals. It is also viewed by the separate members of the project teams from many different directions and, in particular, with regard to how well it will accommodate their own needs and wishes. It takes time to explore, understand and consider the impact of these differing views. Any manager involved in the design process, must allow the necessary time for discussion and consideration, so ensuring that the designer’s aims and expectations are met within the terms of the design brief. In this sense the design manager is in a supportive role, which allows the process to continue. The influence of a design manager cannot be ignored. This ‘silent design’ role (Dumas and Mintzberg, 1992) describes the decisions taken by non-designers who enter into the design process.

  1. Design is a very personal statement of ideas
  2. Design is a form of art
  3. Design challenges the existing approaches
  4. Design is a realistic solution to a problem
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