Eco-friendly homes

eco-frendly homes
Eco-friendly homes are not only seen from the number of plants or wall openings that create light and air flow can enter easily into the room. Eco-friendly homes can be seen from the proximity of the house with the surrounding environmental conditions. 

Region house facade is one element of dealing directly with the environment. Therefore, the facade of the house was made as a blend with the environment. With a contrast is not visible, as the same as the surrounding buildings so it blends better with the surroundings.

Balcony so simple, with an area of taste, but rich in meaning. In addition, the use of recycled materials and simple Garden on the balcony will promote environmentally friendly.

For fence may use the remaining parts of the demolition of a frame of wood. In addition, the balcony area can be increased to absorb the rain water that falls from the roof.
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