Design challenges the existing approaches

Much of design is concerned with using basic components and materials in new and different ways. It is by finding original combinations of products that designers can satisfy their own design philosophy. The range of technology available today, together with the rate at which it continues to develop, helps designers to realize their inner demands through the building design they create. Many new thoughts and ideas will occur during the lengthy process of building design. However, problems often arise from the fact that not all ideas can be analysed and developed simultaneously. This may raise the dilemma as to whether it is better to continue with the original idea, or to change to the new idea, which may well produce an improved design, but which may create disruption and uncertainty in the overall design process.

The need to satisfy the creative need is restrained within the confines of what is possible in the building process. There is an underlying tension in most architectural design. Set against a general aim of achieving good design, innovation and high quality is a constant pressure to reduce the price of construction. Therefore, a designer must set out the priorities in meeting these twin objectives otherwise ambiguity is inevitable.
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