Modern Tropical Architecture

Modern Tropical Architecture
Modern tropical House is a work of architecture that is able to adapt in a tropical climate with a touch of construction materials that adopt the modern and traditional architecture (in the tropics). Because at the bottom of the traditional architecture is able to adapt to the tropical climate, it is to produce a modern tropical architecture, and it can refer to the architecture in the traditional way:
1. The angle of the inclination of the roof, when using a tile roof covering materials.
2. Long overhang
3. The creation of a ventilation crusade at home to reduce humidity and hot air temperature.
4. The correct direction of the orientation of the building.

From these basic principles can be developed or aligned with the existing construction technologies. So that it is going to create various forms of expression, could vernacular, modern tropical etc, resist tropical, but it could also result in a modern prime approach very ultra appearance basis or solid Platonic form, but should still be based on the basic principles of the tropical House.

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