Modern Minimalist Living Room

modern minimalist living room
Stay in a modern minimalist concept of housing, used furniture department also minimal, especially for people who tend to be very practical now. However, the concept of minimalism does not mean minimal versatile creations. Because there are many alternative designs space to further improves residential comfort with a modern minimalist concept. 

Furniture that is appropriate or functional taste will be the most appropriate ideas for concepts like this dwelling. For example the selection of furniture in the living room at home with the modern concept minimalist arrangement. The living room minimalist concept can be filled with color two-seat sofa tailored to the impression you want highlighted in the room.

For example, the placement of a brown couch in the living room will give the impression of a little formal. But not enough with the placement of the couch, because it would be odd if only to bring the couch, so it needs a small sofa plus 2 on the left and right.

For the coffee table in the living room can be selected types of simple tables with wood color. This table is more functional because, in addition to placing food and soft drinks for the guests, at the bottom can be used as storage space in newspapers and magazines. As well as to beautify the room can add some decorations on the walls and corners of the room.

So the overall impression of the living-room minimalism. The room was not full so that felt relieved, but still functional. Additional glass with wood edge on the wall gives the impression of more widespread. Use curtains on two sides of the door supports the impression of light you want to display indoors.

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