Colorful Feng shui

In Feng Shui, colors are divided into yin and yang. The following explanation is quoted from about the colors according to Feng Shui.
colorful fengsui
Yin colors are colors that give the effect of healing and relaxation. Among them:
  • Blue: provides a calming effect, represent love, healing and relaxing. Create a feeling of calmness and confidence. Associated as a symbol of adventure and exploration. Dark blue or dark blue, intelligence and policy.
  • Black: the symbol money and income. Good for career development, especially in combination with metals. It is believed that the color of the emotional security and strength.
  • Purple: The color of the physical and mental healing of the most perfect. Associated as the color of spiritual alertness.
  • White: description of self-confidence, purity and strength. In combination with gold or silver, it will create a calm atmosphere.
The colors of the fiery colors and is believed to give effect to the enthusiasm and motivation.
  • Yellow: Describe the sunshine, warmth, movement, excitement, and hospitality. But it's too much yellow can cause anxiety.
  • Orange: Concentration is believed to strengthen the color that describes the organization.
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