Home Reflects the Character of its Owner

living room

Build a House, as the building of character with because homes are private materialized through the buildings and facilities that are directly reflected in the nature of individual homeowners.

Because the House is a reflection of individual character, need space in every home is different depending on the needs of its residents. The House no longer follow the standard rules should be the place where this and this. The House must be adapted to the needs and habits of its people. As a result, in accordance with the rules of green space in the House, there are a lot of dead zones. For example, there is a place, but people rarely take the guests. Space is not the way it functions.

Dead space, as this can be changed, for example, by combining the living room and a living room into one. Guests who rarely came to welcome in the living room. When the House should take into account the functional scale. The activity of citizens, regardless of the physical environment around the House (the Sun, wind, ventilation), as well as the environment.

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