Lianyungang China East City Zone China

Lianyungang China East City Zone China
Lianyungang is an ancient city by the seas. A tranquil city, it keeps up with the speed of modernisation despite being home to 5,000 years of cultural relics. The China East City Zone is Jiangsu's leading coastal development, situated on a large empty site outside the urban centre.
The overall design intent of the project stems from the city's natural landscapes. Streams, ripples and sedimentary stones combine to form one consistent concept for the general masterplan. However, individually, these elements bring out their own distinctiveness within the entire built structure. The project is directed towards drawing the city closer to nature in the process of urbanisation, while placing an emphasis on regional relevance in raising land value, redefining urban spaces and providing a leisure destination for the public.

Retail Complex - Streaming Water and Stones
Retail outlets are situated at the centre of the site, depicting the form of stones amongst streams of flowing water. It has two axes, mainly the north-south axis connecting the traffic between the blocks, and the east-west axis linking the series of retail markets, providing public space for leisure and gathering. Each plot of land has four buildings, with each building facing two different areas—one adjacent to the street, which reacts to the pedestrian flow; the other facing the internal courtyard, interacting with the recreational space. The construction here mainly comprises corrugated metal sheets and glass. The blocks of materials are flexible., simple, modern and efficient.

Expo Centre and Hotel - Waterfall and Ripples
The flow and form of water in streams and waterfall gave rise to the concept behind the expo centre and hotel. Layers of rippling water are reflected in a ribbon-like form of the hotel, while a waterfall effect is similarly represented in the vertical strips on the facade of the convention centre. The space between the two structures makes it convenient for the flow of crowd to move freely. Logistics and parking areas are strategically placed at the back of the buildings or underground. The hotel is clad in titanium zinc plates and glass, and the main body of the exhibition centre is made up of corrugated metal sheets and glass.

Twin Towers - Sedimentary Rocks
The design for the mixed-use twin towers was inspired by the stacking patterns on sedimentary rocks. The staggering floors visible on the northern and southern exterior walls of the towers take after the form of rocky layers. The eastern and western facades resemble stacked boxes with positive and negative edges, shifting into one another. The recession on the north western corner gives room for a public square between streets. The materials of the towers consist of alternating blocks of white and grey bricks, emphasising the two intersecting outlines.
Lianyungang China East City Zone China
Lianyungang China East City Zone China
Lianyungang China East City Zone China

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