Eaton Luxe Nirwana Bali Indonesia

Eaton Luxe Nirwana Bali
Bali, a popular tourist destination, has seen new developments growing in the area over the years. With abundant arable land, it is suitable for planting greenery amongst buildings, resorts, golf courses and other facilities. Most architects have been mindful of ensuring that symbols of tradition are combined with modern designs so that the culture of the place Is not lost amidst urbanisation.
Similarly, the designers of Eaton Luxe Nirwana Bali seek to Incorporate traditional elements into its design by referencing two characteristics of Balinese culture: Subak—a conventional water management system for paddy fields practised by local farmers; Canang—the offering plate or tray to the gods. This means the development contains elements of Subak by having its building structures and water systems emulate those used In traditional rice terraces, as well as Canang and Keranjang by having its vertical surfaces take after these forms of layering and weaving. Additionally, the project seeks to be 'sustainably' integrated into its natural surroundings by having its design/construction respect the terrain of the land, relying on natural ventilation alongside artificial cooling when necessary, utilising solar energy, consuming low energy via efficient insulation and use of lighting and water, as well as employing prefabrication during construction.
Eaton Luxe Nirwana Bali
Eaton Luxe Nirwana Bali
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