Atan elevation of 8,800 feet, on a private hilltop high above Beirut, Vladimir Djurovic, Inter­national ASIA, created a peaceful sanctuary. The jury raved about the pure beauty and extraordinary design with a limited palette, but also noted how effortlessly Djurovic included security elements in a part of the world that needs them.

Djurovic says it took just two simple gestures to create usable and secure space on the very steep slope. At the back of the house a garden was carved out, almost like a crater, to provide a lawn for relaxing. High-altitude species include Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana), turkey oak (Qiiercus cerris), and downy oak (Q.pubescens).

At the front side of the house, a formal and geo­metric outdoor living area was built on top of an extension of the house's concrete base. Here in the main outdoor living area, a pool extends on three sides, offering swimming, lounging, and panoramic views. An oak in the paved terrace and another in a small lawn make up the minimal planting scheme. Gray granite, like that used on the base of the house, is used for the terrace and throughout the landscape.

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