Architect's Concept: Tower B01
Tower B01 is a Class-A high-rise office building. It faces the Pudong District and frames views to the Huang Pu River. The tower design will create office spaces that are rich in detail and highly efficient; the guiding design principles are based on high standards of quality, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Energy efficiency is a chief concern for the building's operation; therefore, Green elements play a defining role in the building's architectural character. The design provides public and private gathering spaces, and seamlessly integrates the tower offices to the underground commercial area, street, marina and surrounding office buildings. The office floors are divided into six clusters, and each cluster consists of five floors and a central atrium. The sky garden atria create the primary landscape for the tower. The north-south orientation of the atrium affords ample sunlight, views toward the Huang Pu River, and visible connections to the Pudong Financial District. The abundance of natural light creates a comfortable interior environment.
The plan of the tower is divided into three parallel zones following the north-south axis. The eastern and western zones are designed for flexible office spaces; the centre zone accommodates vertical circulation and common use activities. The office zones are 14 metres deep, thereby facilitating easy access to natural light and outdoor views. The middle zone of the tower houses elevator banks lo the north and six vertically slacked sky garden atria to the south. There is one atrium for each office floor cluster.
The idea of the open office is the primary design concept for the office floors. Every office should be open to view, natural light and communication. The office zones surround the central sky garden atrium, thereby benefiting from the light-filled space in the center of the tower. Internal staircases and escalators link the sky garden atrium to each office floor and enhance the communication and co-ordination of work between different departments within a cluster. In terms of planning, the tower gradually expands outward as it reaches its full height of 187.5 metres. The gradual expansion of the tower provides larger floor plates and an increasingly significant central sky garden atrium at the top of the building. This design emphasise the verticality of the central core and celebrates the role of the sky garden atrium as a place for communal and public interaction.

Architect's Concept: Building B02
Building 02 is a Class-A medium-rise office building designed as a hybrid office space with terraces and roof gardens it includes amenities such as multi-propose rooms, an auditorium, restaurants and cafes.

Building B02 is divided into four unique office clusters positioned in an interlocking arrangement to maximise daylight exposure and views toward the Huang Pu River and Pudong Financial District. Terrace pockets and atriums are positioned in areas between floors and office clusters to help link interior spaces to the exterior. The basement levels house a commercial shopping area and two levels of car park, while also providing a seamless connection lo the adjacent buildings on site.

The hybrid office spaces are created by juxtaposing the L-shaped office blocks, which maximises the facade frontage while terrace pockets are carved in between. The minimalist building facade ensures an overriding simplicity to the office environments. The collection of volumes forms a crystal like block casting reflections and enhancing the beauty of the river and marina bay.

In order to emphasise the individuality of each cluster there are four independent office lobbies, each with an atrium and an outdoor terrace. The entrances to cluster one and two are found on the second floor (at 13 metres), vuhile the entrances to cluster three and four are on the marina level (at 7.5 metres). The cluster concept: is enhanced by inserting glass fins onto each individual block.

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