"Transmitting Valley": When Technology Meets Nature
Bandung Techno Park
Bandung Technopark is a research study and expo centre for information communication technology (ICT) in Bandung, West Java.

The basic idea is to interpret the Technopark as a symbol of technology and nature coming together in harmony. Nature is represented by a 'valley' which is inspired by the location of Bandung, as it is surrounded by two mountains. The ICT is represented by a major process of information technology known as 'transmitting'. When ICT and nature come together in this project they form the "Transmitting Valley"—a valley where all knowledge and skills related to information and technology are being transmitted from and to each and every person; a valley that allows people to become more passionate and skilful in IT.
Site Context and Programmes
As a part of the Institute Technology (IT) Telkom area, one side of Bandung Technopark is bordered by residences and the other side by the IT Telkom area itself. The rector's building serves as the central node of the vicinity, with other important buildings converging to it. The central position of the main building is representative of its function as the centre of information technology and activity, and its iconic tower-shaped design symbolises a "transmitter tower".
The building masses are formed as a response to the axis of the rector's building on the south side and the main entrance to IT Telkom area on the east side. The valley form—a representation of Bandung's geography—is applied to the whole Technopark by surrounding the buildings with a lake and manipulating the facade of the other buildings to mimic the natural topography. A park inside the area maximises the green spaces, connecting one building to another, which can only be accessed by pedestrians. The service circulation is placed on the outside area of the buildings so as to make them more people-friendly.
Bandung Techno Park
Green Building Strategic Design
The Green design approach is to optimise the site's potential with active and passive features, and to minimise the buildings' energy consumption. Optimisation is applied both in terms of building orientation and the systems within Technopark. The buildings are orientated along the north-south axis and the east-west sides of the buildings are designed with minimal openings. Green roofs abound; land use is optimised since green spaces are now allocated on the roofs. The artificial lake is used to improve the ground water quality by retaining natural water; it is also used for temporary water storage before being passively recycled using a water treatment system. Air-conditioning in the buildings is passively obtained by utilising cold air outside from the lake and around the buildings to replace hoi air inside.
In the two-storey main building, natural lighting will be brought in as much as possible by designing the side wall openings and skylight such that light can reach the ground floor. As for the area facing the retaining wall, another sloping wall is created to allow for air flow and light penetration.
Bandung Techno Park3a
Bandung Techno Park3b
Bandung Techno Park4a
Bandung Techno Park4b

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