Sensation of Staying in the Tree House

TREEHOUSE Point is home to a unique housing, located in Seattle, United States. As the name implies, the room you stay in the form of a tree house.

This tree house is weatherproof and durable. Experience that would have been earned, when is here to stay with luxury and food?
Luxury you can see through the inner side of the tree house itself. In addition, his bed as Fantasia, as one might expect from a high-quality mattress. Each temperature tree house warm, electricity comes and there is comfortable furniture such as chairs, desks, books, puzzles, and CD-ROM drives.
For food, because bathrooms are not in the room. You should get out of the House of the tree, and you also have to share with other visitors.
There are four types to choose from including a tree house:
The walls of the room more dominated by glass instead of wood. This type has the best view of the Treehouse Point.
Temple of the Blue Moon
This type of tree house is quite unique, because there is a large tree right in the middle of the room. If the wood is on the threshold of a home, you should cross the wooden bridge, in front of him.
Upper Pond
Equipped with beds, as the vessel with four beds. This type is suitable for living in groups.
The smallest type of wooden house. Located near the highway so you can hear sounds of the road, and it's far from the bathroom. Although small, this type is internal Windows, and balconies are unique.
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