Energy Saving through the Inner Court

iner court 1The presence of the appropriate court in your home, will provide air and natural lighting, and reduce heat.
iner court 2Hot air Stinger that recently felt in several regions in Indonesia certainly makes us uncomfortable. Indonesia is a hot humid climate and global warming factor, is suspected of influence the discomfort. Yes, there are some evidence to show the temperature on the planet worrying from year to year.

Associated with the comfort of your home, what should be done? Obviously, we cannot always rely on the use of air conditioning because it means wasted energy. Create a hole wide, cross-ventilation and fish ponds, one thing you can do to save energy.
Opening gifts in the form of open spaces in the House, usually called the courtyard, also proved effective in reducing the temperature. These holes can be formed of edible fish, or an open playground. In addition, the courtyard also serves as the liaison between spaces, lighting, and natural air.

iner court 3a
iner court 3b iner court 3c
In designing the inner court, the position of the factors and types of cover are the two things that should receive more attention. Usually, the inner courtyard is located in a strategic position at home, surrounded by spaces such as living room, dining room and living room. However, the inner court can also next to the bedroom. As for closing the roof, inner courts can use an automatic open-close system, or can also be left open until the rain water can enter freely. Similarly, with the environment. It can be covered with a transparent cover such as glass windows, or let the court in the open so the space feels freer.
If the inner court of the pool of options, consider the factors associated with the manufacture of the swimming pool properly. For example, from swimming pool design, cleanliness, size, accessories, water filters are also maintenance. And most importantly, set the water in the pool to keep it flowing. Because water does not move, instead of reducing the heat, in fact, can become mosquito breeding.
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