Cool and Fresh in the Tropical House

tropical house
Living in a tropical country should be willing to deal with the heat of the sun. However, sometimes the sun's radiant heat will penetrate into the house and then bring a sense of hot and sultry.
In order to keep the house cool and fresh despite the hot weather and atmosphere, try the solutions in the following ways:

1. create a high ceiling
Make a ceiling of at least three meters, the goal that the volume of space and air to flow smoothly. The distance between floor and ceiling will make the air move freely in empty space.
This method is often used to get around the house with limited space in order to help give the room more spacious effect.
2. create windows on different sides
To accelerate the air flow path, put the window can be adjusted to the wind direction. If the position of the window is not already in accordance with the direction of the wind, the use of plants high enough as the wind wheel. Place the plants properly so that airflow is not obstructed.
3. use pivot aperture system
Opening the pivot system allows more air into the opening of the system rather than wear down. With a design like this will determine how much air enters the house.
4. interior layout with minimal insulation concept
In orderfor the circulation of air evenly throughout the room, the arrangement of interior concepts with the concept of partition should be minimal. If you want to create a private space in one room, using a bulkhead that is not massive, bamboo, for example.
5. place the furniture properly
Placement of furniture has a vital role to maximize the smooth flow of air. Avoid placing furniture such as cabinets with large size in the middle of the room, because it could hamper the flow of air in the room.
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