Maya Sanur Bali Indonesia

Maya Sanur Bali Indonesia
Located along the main street of Sanur. approximately 300 metres from Hyatt Hotel, Maya Sanur resort is situated on a sloping hillside. The overall layout concept was meant to allow guests to walk directly to the beach area.

The resort adopts designs Incorporating greenery and stone architecture at the lobby and various hotel facilities. Al fresco dining areas, which face the main street, have been planned to provide semi-private spaces for guests. A series of suite accommodation links the second level lobby to the beach, increasing accessibility, while a green roof protects this wing from the tropical sun. A 180-metre long swimming pool is built along the perimeters of the suite units, and leads up to a fishpond situated in front of restaurants by the seaside. There are also eight beachfront suites built with their individual plunge pools located next to the Maya Spa pavilions.

The architects have designed external features of the structure to minimise heat gain whilst allowing sea breeze to penetrate the living space. Large trees in the area also provide ample shading to the beach bar and leisure pool. Recycled water is used to irrigate the garden, and energy-efficient LED lighting will be used throughout the hotel. In addition, materials such as recycled teak and sand will be used in the building process.

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