Goldwood Ecoresort Bandung Indonesia

Goldwood Ecoresort Bandung Indonesia
With the selected site located on a slope with various gradients and natural features such as rivers, hills and valleys, the developer wanted to create an integrated eco-resort equipped with retail, food and beverages facilities, with a large plaza that ties the development together.
The first phase will feature a condotel and an apartment building. The main idea is to minimise cut and fill; thus the structures are designed to follow the contoured landscape to accommodate the varying gradients and slopes. Reflecting the natural shape of the land, curved lines also dominate the architecture.
One of the advantages of having such a site is that the uneven gradient presents the opportunity to provide multi-level public space, while offering various views to the city and the surrounding nature. Nonetheless, building orientation is a dominant concern, especially on uneven grounds, to provide optimal shading and natural lighting solutions. The architects decided to align the buildings such that the units are facing the north-south direction, enabling natural ventilation as well as maximising views. The units are also interconnected via a corridor that utilises natural ventilation.
The architects adopted an environmentally-friendly design approach by using less than 20 percent of the land for building footprint, roads and a central plaza; the remaining 80 percent will be retained for natural vegetation. There will be an on-site water management system, and waste and garbage processing facilities to minimise pollution. Materials that will be used include perforated metal and GRC panels. More specifically, reinforced concrete structure, natural stone and polished concrete will be used for the lobby area, and recycled wood for the deck and featured elements.

Goldwood Ecoresort Bandung Indonesia
Goldwood Ecoresort Bandung Indonesia
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