Tropical Stone House

Intricately hand-carved surfaces are the defining features of Stone House.
Tropical Stone House Site Plan
The complex consists of seven sandstone boxes around a central, cruciform-shaped living structure; most of the buildings are arranged around the site's perimeter, creating a courtyard at the center and enhancing the garden experience.

Tropical Stone House

The site is entered from the east, where a garage and pavilions housing four guest quarters flank the central courtyard garden. This leads to the main structure, in which the kitchen and living and dining rooms share one open space, divided by low partitions. Continuing through that structure, one arrives at the main lanai, which overlooks a swimming pool that is the same size and shape as the cruciform's square center. The north side of the cruciform connects to a circular office space that acts as a "hinge" leading to the master suite.

Hawaiian Stone House

The walls are Chinese sandstone, assembled in the dry-stack method without mortar for a strong sense of permanence. Throughout the house, walls and other stone surfaces were hand-chiseled to create stippled, woven, or other effects. The textural motif continues on the roofs, for which a new technique was developed to lay teak in a diamond pattern mimicking thatch but with extreme durability. The color of the teak is reminiscent of coconut palm trunks, and the roof edges resemble overlapping palm fronds.

Tropical Garden

Symmetry is expressed through two curved eyebrow dormers on the main axis of the house, at the entry and main lanais.

Tropical House

In all pavilions, movable walls retract into pockets, enhancing movement and airflow and fostering a strong indoor/outdoor interaction.

Hawaiian Classic House
Tropical Living Room
Stone House Living Room
Tropical Bedroom
Tropical Interior
Tropical Wooden Roof
Tropical Stone House Exterior
Tropical Kitchen Style
Tropical Plant
Stone House Wastafel
Tropical Outdoor Bathroom
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