Tropical Courtyard House

The owners of Courtyard House honeymooned in Bali and are avid collectors of antiques and furniture from the island. Balinese architecture and culture were a main source of inspiration for their home on the Kona coast.
Tropical Courtyard House Site Plan
The house is designed as a collection of pavilions arranged around a central garden courtyard. The kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, and living room are one contiguous structure. Accessory areas guest rooms, media room, and garage are pulled away from the main house as eight individual structures, enhancing privacy and creating intimate garden spaces.

Tropical Courtyard House

In keeping with Balinese architecture, all the structures are raised on plinths, constructed from local lava, and have individually articulated floors, walls, and ceilings. Walls are stucco, with openings that can be closed off by glass, wood, or screened panels. Ceilings have exposed cedar framing. The roof forms, clad in copper shingles, incorporate Dutch gables that allow light to enter the interiors from above. Most of the furniture and art is from Bali.

Tropical Courtyard House Eksterior

The site plan, which is terraced downhill toward the beach, was designed around naturally occurring anchialine ponds, which are widely found in the region and traditionally used by local fisherman as places to keep their catches. On the beach side of the house, the natural lava outcrop surrounding the ponds blends seamlessly with the lava wall that encases the swimming pool.

Tropical Courtyard House Living Room
Tropical Courtyard House Dining Room
Tropical Courtyard House Stucture
Tropical Courtyard House Roof Stucture
Courtyard House
Tropical Courtyard House Interior
Tropical Courtyard House Furniture
Tropical House Interior
Tropical Accentuate
Tropical Bedroom
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