It is not necessary for columbarium facilities to be 'deadly looking'; it could also be as contemporary as any metropolitan architecture. At 22 storeys high, this high-rise columbarium is situated at the tip of a landmass enjoying an unobstructed 270-degree view. It inherits the privilege of facing south with its back against the north, like traditional Chinese architecture.
Death is not a horrible thing to be shunned but an inevitable stage in life to be embraced. Based on the concept of a 'happy eternity', this project takes on a 'human' approach in its design, diffusing the separation between a modern architecture for the living and architecture for the dead.
The building has a large podium of car parking facilities, and tapers off towards the top, resulting in the form having an elegant 'pose'; on the side elevation, the sliding curve resembles the dance move of a dancer.
Upon the podium deck on the third floor there is a memorial hall for services with a 100 seating capacity where the bereaved could pay their last respects. Surrounding the hall is the terrace area where visitors could sit aside for relaxation and quiet contemplation. From the fourth floor onwards would be the niches to safely store the urns. Different urn sizes and arrangements are designed to cater for the needs for a range of clients, with the more spacious ones on the upper floors. Each floor is equipped with a balcony or even flat roof for one's enjoyment of the outdoor space. The 21st and 22nd floors are exclusive for the most luxurious niches. Depending on operator's preferences, the top floors, with better views, could be reserved for families.
Architectural Fins
The draping curve that constitutes the resemblance of a dance movement is composed of architectural fins. This extensive use helps reduce solar heat gain to the interiors while shading off excessive glare.
There would be greenery on the balcony of every other floor, bringing in a sense of liveliness and vitality to the premises, uplifting the spirits of visitors. In addition, there would be a green roof on the top floor.
Solar Panels
With the absence of any surrounding high-rise buildings, the site enjoys maximum sunshine. This is especially so as it is located up north, with the sun's path unbarred from dawn in the east to dusk in the west. Maximising this advantage, solar panels are installed onto the architecture, reducing reliance on traditional electricity.
Eco Furnace
The Eco Furnace is located at the farthest point within the site, restricting the areas possibly affected by the fumes. The sessions of burning offerings are also restricted to re-visits and peak seasons, further minimising the negative effect of fumes to the area.
Prior appointments allow access on normal days. A small number of car parking lots are available for this volume of light usage. During peak periods, access via public transport such as shuttle buses is encouraged due to the massive visitor traffic.

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