rempah rumah karya

Literally meaning spices, the name "Rempah" alludes to the first commodity trading maritime expeditions of the Indonesia archipelago or Nusantara. Attempting to capture the spirit which "Rempah' symbolizes, Rempah Rumah karya seeks to promote and showcase local expertise and works to the world. The project is meant to be a place where the creative design community can gather and hold various activities including exhibiting their works. There are four buildings altogether. The showroom and office is located next to the workshop at the centre of the site; both buildings are symmetrical in shape and separated by a pond between them. A material storage and workshop, and a canteen, are located on the periphery of either sides of the site.

The project was built with the aim to optimally utilize waste and residue materials as well as local materials. The building structure adopts a lightweight and simple system and leftover materials were largely used for its construction.

The most outstanding building of the project is the showroom, which features an unusual facade and a sloping roof which in part helps to provide more gross floor area. Most of the facade is covered by a porous layer of skin made from pieces of used wood and glass, and a combination of former windows with woven bamboo in a simple creation. Apart from being an interesting element., the facade composition allows natural air circulation and day lighting.

The main structure of the showroom is constructed from steel-iron, prefabricated concrete, floor plates with a stuffing of reused Styrofoam and finishing of woven bamboo. The roof is made from split bamboo, asphalt paper (made from used cement paper sacks coated with asphalt), and palm fibers or ijuk. Some of the interior elements are made from waste iron plates, broken tiles and pieces of used wood. The ground floor is covered by old tiles from an old industrial neighborhood.

Next to the showroom is a multi-purpose space which features an umbrella-like canopy constructed out of wire mesh. Selective panels are fitted with mini potted plants to provide shading for the people during gatherings. For the open spaces, a ground 'cover* is created using grass block, gravel and grass which allows water to evaporate naturally. Rainwater is also collected on site and supplied to the pond and for other minor uses in the building. LED lights are used to save electricity.

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