The Garthwaite Center

The Garthwaite Center
The Garthwaite Center at the Cambridge School of Weston houses laboratory classrooms for biology, chemistry, and physics; lab prep rooms; faculty offices; meeting space; a science display atrium; a large community gathering gallery; a small, secure art gallery; an integrated studies classroom; independent study space; and a campus data center.

In addition to focusing on its environmental goals, the project team had to contend with space and budgetary requirements. The site consisted of sloping bedrock, and the school wanted to preserve existing trees. In addition, the building had to accommodate all-school art shows, blend in with the existing campus, and create a popular student space on campus,.

This project was chosen as an AIA Committee on the Environment Top Ten Green Project for 2008. It was submitted by Architerra, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts. Additional project team members are listed on the "Process" screen.
The Garthwaite Center Masterplan
Environmental Aspects
The project team's environmental goals included preserving as many trees as possible to maintain the wooded setting of the campus. The building was designed to integrate with the site, with floor levels arranged to mimic the hillside they sit on. The partial green roof manages stormwater, lowers heating and cooling loads, and shades the building from solar heat gain with overhangs.

The building is oriented to the south to take advantage of daylighting and passive solar heating opportunities. A heavy timber frame was left exposed to minimize finishing. In addition, several of the building's systems were left exposed to offer teaching opportunities; an enthalpy heat wheel, a wood pellet boiler, and toilet composters can all be seen by students. (source)
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