Rødovre Tower

Rødovre Tower
Rødovre, an independent municipality of Denmark, was looking for a new residential tower and MVRDV, with co-architect ADEPT, rose to the challenge. On Monday, it was announced that their “Sky Village” concept won a design challenge to create the next Rødovre skyscraper. The 116 meter (~381 foot) tower will feature apartments, retail, offices, an hotel, as well as a public park and plaza. The architects’ contemporary design is based on a flexible grid of boxes, or “pixels,” which are ~646 square feet each and arranged around the building’s central core.

Rødovre Skyscraper was designed with sustainable features in mind, such as a greywater circuit, use of 40% recycled concrete in the foundation, and energy producing devices in the facade. It’ll also follow Danish environmental standards and implement various green technologies to meet those standards.

The bottom of the tower is slim to make room for the plaza, retail, and restaurants. As you move up the building, the residential units jut out to the north and create open spaces for sky gardens. The top portion of the building is reserved for the hotel where guests enjoy views of the center of Copenhagen.

Because the building is built in pixels, it can be modified to conform to market and economic realities (see model above). Barring any of those type of changes, however, the initial plans call for 10,500 sf retail, 170,000 sf offices, 39,300 sf housing, 21,500 sf hotel, and a basement of 146,000 sf containing parking and storage.
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