Bahrain World Trade Center

Bahrain World Trade Center
A slightly more conventional wind-powered approach is being taken with another building in Dubai though the design is no less visually stunning. The Bahrain World Trade Center features three massive wind turbines straddling giant bridges between the two tapering towers. Each of these nearly one-hundred-foot-in-diameter. Even the shapes of the towers themselves are designed to funnel winds at high speeds in between the towers to generate the maximum amount of power possible.

The most impressive feature of the new Bahrain World Trade Center is, no doubt, the three massive wind turbines situated between the two towers comprising the main building. Each of these 80-foot turbines projects from a bridge between towers. The shape of the towers themselves channels and accelerates air moving between them which will help the building generate even more power. It is by far the largest wind-powered design incorporated into a massive building project to date.
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